Experience Our Nutrition Club

Nutrition Club

Are you fed up of counting points, fad diets that cause your weight to yoyo along with your moods, & quick fixes which really don’t fix at all? Are you overweight & lacking in confidence and large gyms with body perfect posers terrify you? Experience Fitness is definitely the place for you.

Nutrition club is a 15min topical discussion with a weekly weigh in (optional). I do try to encourage attendees to monitor their shape through six weekly measurements rather than scales. It is an opportunity to educate yourself on making healthier food choices & to learn how to modify your lifestyle to make sustainable weight loss easier. Sample menus will be available & food diary support offered.

I strongly advocate positive relationships with food and will try to steer you to enjoy delicious and nutritious eating plans. Whatever your shape or size you can benefit from nutrition club. Pair it up with 30mins of pilates toning and not only will you leave each session feeling more confident & motivated, you will also be on the road to a slimmer waist, shapely thighs and a strong core.

Lisa Foster