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INSANITY’s high-Intensity activity forces the body to work for longer periods of time at a higher capacity than traditional workouts. As a result, people experience faster increases in cardiovascular fitness, and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently—as much as 1,000 calories per hour! Train Insane or Remain The Same... this class is guaranteed to transform your life!


An energetic calorie burning workout on a stationary bike. With superb music & a first class instructor, getting fit could not be more fun!


A choreographed body conditioning class to music, that will totally transform your shape. In this 45 minute class using bars, dumbbells & body weight exercises, you will target all main muscle groups You will leave feeling Fabulous.


An intense workout designed to change your shape forever. In this 30 minute motivating workout you will work towards flattening your stomach, toning your arms & legs, and strengthening your core. Definately a class to try!


High Intensity Interval Training
These are express classes ideal for those wanting to burn the highest number of calories in the shortest space of time. 20 minutes CAN change your shape... try it and see!


Struggling to choose a class as you like the sound of all of them? Then this class is for you! A super mix of Spin, Pump, H.I.I.T, Circuits & Abs. A Friday favourite!


Another favourite among members. A high energy mix of spin and toning exercises of the bike. This class gets results fast. No need to do a cardio class and a toning class in one day, as this class does it all!


Circuits is a fun, varied, & intensive class working at various exercises stations set up around the studio. In this full body workout you will never get bored and it is extremely effective for losing weight. Beginners are welcome.

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